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Travel with Kaya, the Leading Travel and Tour Provider in Africa

Kaya Tours is an award winning and licenced multidisciplinary client focused Travel and Tourism firm providing holistic tourism and travel experiences.

Meaning of Kaya
  • Kaya in Ghanaian parlance means carrying a load or luggage. This represents reliable service
  • In Japanese, it implies qualities of smartness and intelligence, that connotes excellence
  • In Turkish, its a name for boys which means rock and signifies dependability
  • In Zulu, it means home; a place of warmth, love and comfort
  • In Jamaica, it represent a feeling of happiness or being elated
    • In Hebrew, Kaya means Life
    • In Hawaii it’s a perfect place
Core Value
  • Integrity
  • Customer Focused
  • Team Work
  • Excellence
We are Kaya
  • Kaya is also a term used to describe someone who is both amazingly beautiful, wonderful talented and with a personality fit for an angel
  • Kaya Tours represents bits and pieces of all the above. We are a dependable home of quality destination management, with a sole focus on always achieving total client satisfaction and more.

Kaya Tours Provides exciting tour services which includes but not limited to

    • General Tours
    • Family Tours
    • Honey Moon Tours
    • European Educational packages
    • Student Tours
    • Company Tours
    • Special Themed Tours
    • Religious Tours
    • Visa Assistance


To provide memorable Travel and Tour experiences. Socially and Environmentally responsible.


To become the leading Travel and Tours company in the Region and our clients best partner.

Always providing the best possible products with the highest quality services and demonstrating our commitment towards Social and Environmental responsibility.

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