Kaya Tours Magical Experience to Akosombo

Kaya Tours Ghana Limited delighted it’s patrons with a thrilling unforgettable experiential trip to Akosombo.

Kaya Tours Easter Trip to Kwahu

On the 20th April, 2019. Kaya Tours took 52 persons to Kwahu. Participants were sourced from U.K, U.S.A, Nigeria and Ghana.


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Kaya Tours Trip To Aqua Safari

Kaya Tours Ghana Limited tours Sunset Rainbow Aqua Safari on the 21st April, 2019.

What Our Costumers say

Kaya Tours is a well organized Tourism company which taught us lots of attractions we didnt know existed in Ghana. Right from the beginning of the trip to the end was education and entertainment. We recommend Kaya Tours Ghanato everyone.

Miss Malaika Ghana '18

(Magical Experience to Akosombo)

Admission process was smooth from the beginning to the end. Thank you Kaya Tours for assisting me through the process of my admission, visa and other documents to travel. I am now a proud Student of Ledra College in Cyprus.


(Cyprus Education)

Thank you Kaya Tours for helping me Partake in the 2018 International Childrens Festival at Izmier, Turkey. It was fun, i made new friends, learnt diffrent languages and also thought other people my Ghanaian culture. I love Kaya Tours


(Trip To Izmier, Turkey)

Touring the Bible land was fun and educative! 99% of the Bible event was seen, accomodation inexclusive hotels, 3 square meals in best restaurants in israel above all free pilgrimage certificate! This happens only in Kaya Tours. Look furthur when tour is concern, Pastor Fred Anku personally recommends Kaya Tour for everyone. Shalom.

Pastor Fred

(Trip To Israel)

Thank you kaya Tours for assisting in getting my visa, ticket, hotel reservation and a tourist guide for my South Africa holiday trip. I really appreciate. Thanks bunch.

Alexander Oppong

(Holiday trip to South Africa)

Kaya Tours is a wonderful tour company and i am very pleased to have worked with them. They meet clients expectations in role of providing fun activities daily, they adapt to ever -changing client demands and works effectively under pressure and they also have effective time management. Kaya Tours demonstrates adequatee communication skills and completes all requested tasks and required responsibilities on time. I woould recommend Kaya for both the nations and foreigners who want to have a good trip. I love Kaya Tours, thanks for giving me beautiful memories.


(Trip to Mauritius)