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Abeiku Aggrey Santana

Abeiku Aggrey Santana is a prominent figure in Ghana’s Travel, Tourism and Media
sectors as a distinct leader in West Africa.

His commitment to showcasing the Cultural and Natural treasures of the Region has earned him recognition as a key influencer in the travel trade and tourism
sector, hence nicknamed “Mr. Tourism”.

His efforts in highlighting Ghana’s diverse landscapes and heritage have
significantly contributed to the country’s appeal as a tourist destination.
Sanatana’s insights into the intersection of travel, tourism and media make him a
valuable voice in industry discussions.

Abeiku Santana was inducted into the Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana , The Advertising Association of Ghana in 2008 and 2006 respectively.


He has successfully established ventures in diverse sectors showcasing his ability to creating sustainable businesses. One of his notable ventures is Kaya Tours Limited, a prominent player in the travel trade and tourism industry. This company has played a pivotal role in promoting Ghana and Africa, showcasing the region’s natural beauty, cultural heritage and hospitality to the global market. Additionally, Abeiku Santana has ventured into the realm of Media, Marketing and Public Relations Services with Kaya Management Services Limited.
This arm of his business offers wide range of services including PR, Media Buying, Trade Activations and General Marketing Consultancy.
The hospitality industry has also felt his impact with the establishment of Bays Lodge & Apartments. This unique comfortable accommodation caters for the needs of travelers and tourists within two cities in Ghana.


Abeiku holds

– Master’s Degree in Tourism Management from the     University of Cape Coast, Ghana.
– Master’s Degree in Marketing Strategy from       University of Ghana, Business School, Accra, Ghana.
– Chartered Media Personality / Master Program

– Manager – Global Academy of Finance &   Management, Colorado, USA 🇺🇸
– Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration     from Ghana Institute of Public Administration,   Accra, Ghana. 
– Associate in Litigation and Legal Studies, New York   Paralegal School, USA.

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