Experience Accra Coming to Life in the Night Time

The night starts with visit to the Republic Bar & Grill in Osu; an African theme outdoor bar and creative space and a place where like minded people can flock and fold together and share a unity of purpose. The elements of music, atmosphere and good vibes is central to achieving this. Wind down with their special “Kokroko” African cocktail drink and enjoy some good music.

Depart from Republic bar to the ZenGardens in Labone, next to Osu. Live music performances, creating a lively ambiance and immersive experience where you can occasionally come on stage to participate in dancing or singing or what every activity the night calls for as you feel part of the day’s experience.



When the clock is hitting the midnight hour, head back to Osu Oxford street, the street that never sleeps and find yourself at the Kona Lounge. On any given Friday or weekend night you’ll find the liveliest crowd intensely dancing to infectious rhythms, with a great atmosphere of euphoria.

The Soho Bar which turns from Restaurant, into lounge, then into a club by midnight is one to go for. For fine dining and live dinner shows. The food is a personal and contemporary interpretation of Latin and Asian cuisine, bursting with intense flavor and freshness. The ambiance is a sweet balance between classic and modern, perfect for the night time entertainment experience


Accra Tourist Information Centre

Or you can also get picked up

+233 Jazz Bar & Grill

Stop: 1 hour

Republic Bar & Grill

Stop: 1 hour

Area Bar Osu

Stop: 1 hour

You'll return at the starting point

you will be dropped off at starting point

Starting from $100

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